The tale hut

This is a new activity starting from July 2014. Camille Piantananida, who wrote Voyage en Médoc and Macaron et Canelés à Bordeaux, organises workshops related to books, stories and tales every Thursday nights.

The programme is the following :

Before dinner : 5:45 to 6:45 pm.

Workshop around the Medoc region, secret passageways, ecology, Bordeaux, respect, love etc.

Holiday and travel log

Illustration and techniques to start drawing

Haiku ( short Japanese poems )

How do you make books ? From sketches to computer colourizing

After dinner : 8 to 9 pm

Evening storytelling

Kamishibaï (Japanese drama)

Shadow plays

Making up fairy tales thanks to phrases such as " Once upon a time...". Game played with cards.

Werewolf : a game for older children