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Board sports in Gironde

Montalivet Skatepark

The skateboard has come back into fashion in the last few years, a new means of transport for our young and not so young trucker caped hairdressers. We love it, here at the Paradis des Pins campsite, the skiing culture runs through our veins.

Where to ride without potholes and obstacles?

For a start, even if it's very tempting with its smooth concrete, you forget about the terrace of the Nicoll's Brothers ;)
In Soulac, on the spot of the plage des Naïades, 2 km from the campsite des Pins, skateboarders will be able to "put on" 180s, flips and other style tricks. The skate-park is located between l'Amélie and the centre of Soulac, on the edge of the ocean. 2 half U, 1 module and 1 bowl dug in the concrete are at your disposal.

If you want to push a little further, 20min by car, the skate park of Montalivet, recently refurbished, is worthy of a Californian bowl.
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The surf, historical culture on the Atlantic coast for all lovers and amateurs of surfing, which has become an almost indispensable practice for peaceful, fun and successful holidays.

Before, you either belonged to the surfers' clan or you were the hikers' clan. Isn't that right? Let's just say to get everyone on the same page that this world has opened up to novices recently. Trying surfing is now part of your to-do list regardless of your gender, your physique, your level of sport and your age.

You try it alone, with friends, family or as a couple. You laugh, you get scared, you get beaten up by the waves, you look like a toad getting up for the first time, but you are so happy to have succeeded in this challenge!

For the initiated or the performers, here are our schools in Soulac-sur-Mer. We know them all, they are our partners, so if you need information, just ask us. From the closest to us at camping Paradis des Pins Soulac to the farthest :

  • Amelie Beach
    OSC Surf School
  • Beach of the Negade
    Ulmo Surf School
  • Beach of la Negade
    Nouvelle Vague
    05 56 73 75 36
  • Naiads Beach
    Soulac Surf School
  • Canteen Beach

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The Waterman

Do you know Laird Hamilton or our French friend Ludovic Dulou? If so, then you have the human definition of a Waterman. If you don't see who they are, we invite you to check out these fishmen on the net.
A culture of gliding which consists in touching a little bit of everything: surfing, sup, windsurfing, wakeboarding, diving, bodysurfing, prone, pirogue, longboarding... don't worry ladies the Watergirl also exists, in any case we have some in the Médoc and we love it!

The Club du Médoc Waterman which is located at the Surf School Soulac, plage des naïades, can inform you if you have any questions.
The President of the Club being Nicolas, if you are a fan of these disciplines, he will be delighted to talk to you about it.

The Caraïbos Lacanau Pro

Everyone knows this competition from near or far that we are lucky enough to host in Gironde, in the Médoc in Lacanau, just near Soulac-sur-Mer.

An event that brings together the greatest pro surfers in the world and a significant number of admirers. This competition was created in 1979 by locals from Lacanau who wanted to relive the adrenaline of historic Cups that still take place today in Hawaii, Tahiti or Australia. If you have the opportunity to go there one summer in August, you may be able to meet Kelly Slater or our French native from Gironde and the Lacanau Surf Club Justine Dupont.

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